GP surgeries to cutback on prescriptions

GPs could cut back on some prescriptions
GPs could cut back on some prescriptions

GP surgeries could cease providing some drugs on prescription under plans by NHS bosses to save £800,000 a year.

Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has launched a consultation on the cost-saving plan, drawn up to cope with government budget restrictions.

The CCG said £600,000 could be saved by not prescribing low-value medicines which can be bought from pharmacies or supermarkets.

They include baby milks, vitamin supplements, moisturisers for people with skin conditions, facial hair removal creams, sun cream and anti-fungal nail paints. A further £120,000 could be saved by ceasing to prescribe gluten-free foods for patients with the digestive condition coeliac disease.

The CCG also wants to cut £80,000 from its annual budget by ditching branded medications like Nurofen in favour of generic products. Consultation documents and survey forms are available at GP surgeries. The consultation will run until December 4.

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