Former RAF man drank 12 pints before London Marathon

Clayton Cutter will be running the London Marathon.
Clayton Cutter will be running the London Marathon.

Recovering alcoholic from Lightcliffe who last ran London Marathon after 12 pints is determined to do challenge sober this year.

Last time he attempted the London Marathon, recovering alcoholic Clayton Cutter had been out drinking and woke up in Gatwick tube station.

Now celebrating 17 months sober, the 33-year-old from Lightcliffe is determined to complete the challenge properly.

He is taking on the run on April 21 in aid of charity Help for Hospices, and is aiming to complete it in under four hours.

When he was allocated a place for the marathon in 2008, Clayton spent the night before drinking 12 pints and woke up in Gatwick tube station - on the other side of London from his accommodation.

He managed to get to the starting line but with only 30 minutes to spare and he struggled to get through the run.

“My drinking started in my teens and got gradually worse,” he said.

“I was a member of the RAF police force but my drinking has led me to be homelss on occasions and to lose connections with friends and family.”

Since 2011 and thanks to support from the Basement Recovery Project in Halifax, Clayton has been sober and now has work and a place to live.

“I want to give something back by raising money and, for myself, prove that I’m able to complete the marathon properly,” he said.

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