Flu jab important as bug can ‘still be killer’

BRIGHOUSE practices are urging people in the ‘at risk’ groups to make sure they get a flu jab.

Church Lane and Rydings Hall surgeries are advising people who are most at risk of catching flu to make an appointment to get the flu jab – and the earlier the better.

Those most at risk include pregnant women, which is new to the ‘at risk’ groups this year, people who suffer with diabetes, heart disease, strokes, COPD and people who are taking medication for asthma.

Karen Saville, practice manager at Rydings Hall, said they have been planning the flu vaccine clinics for months.

“It is planned like a military operation and the reason for that is because you need so much fridge space in which to keep the vaccine so it limits how much you can keep in stock and working around deliveries,” she said.

“This is why it is so important that people who do come under the ‘at risk’ groups book early so it is more manageable.”

Jeanette Hellowell, business manager at Church Lane, added: “It is also so we know what numbers are coming when so the clinics can flow. This is why we want to invite all our patients that are in the ‘at risk’ groups to come and have the jab because until then we don’t know who does and doesn’t want it.

“Pregnant women are at risk because they can be affected very quickly which is why they have been added to the list for seasonal flu this year.

“It is very important that people make these appointments because not many realise what a big killer it still is, even in this day and age.”

Karen said it was also important for carers to come and have the flu vaccine especially if they are caring for a vulnerable person.

They also urged anyone that was entitled to the jab but didn’t wish to have it to contact the surgery, but they will be contacting their patients either by letter or text in the forthcoming months.

Anyone with any questions or to book an appointment should contact their surgery. Church Lane can be contacted on 01484 714349 or Rydings Hall on 01484 715324.

If you are unsure if you come under an ‘at risk’ group you can contact the surgeries or visit the department of health website.

The flu clinic will be running at Church Lane on October 12 and Rydings Hall is running clinics from September 26 until October 13.