Family’s plea for Summer

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THE family of a three-year-old girl fighting a form of cancer have issued a cry for help in raising funds to send her abroad, so she can receive the best possible care.

Summer Allen was diagnosed with one of the most aggressive forms of cancer - neuroblastoma - almost eight months ago after starting to feel unwell.

Her mum Sarah said Summer complained of not being able to walk far and pain in her leg and hip. After a number of tests they were told that Summer had fluid on her hip.

The fluid was removed but they found she had a very yellow eye lid, which they presumed was a bruise and therefore pushed to one side.

In December last year Summer was still complaining about the pain in her leg and her yellow eye lid had got worse, spreading on to both.

“Then one morning we discovered Summer had a very large lump on the top of her head and two smaller lumps on her forehead. We were sent to the hospital in Halifax where they did more tests and finally we were given the worst news imaginable, Summer had a tumour,” said Sarah.

Further tests at Leeds General Infirmary found the little girl was in the final stages of the aggressive cancer, stage four, high risk with a very poor prognosis.

Summer is five months into her treatment but 80 per cent of children with high risk neuroblastoma relapse soon after treatment ends. If that was to happen her parents who live in Brighouse will have to face the heartbreaking truth there is nothing more UK doctors would be able to do for her.

However, they have learned of other treatments available around the world that would not only give Summer improved chances of beating her cancer first time around, but should she relapse, will give her another chance of survival.

They are now working with the charity Families Against Neuroblastoma (FAN) to build a fund of £500,000 for Summer so they would be able to access any treatment for Summer should she face a relapse.

Sarah and her partner Dave who are also parents to Summer’s twin sister Paige hope that Summer will be in the 20 per cent of children not to relapse.

“Summer and myself have been in hospital eight weeks this week due to high dose chemotherapy and stem cell recovery, it is very rough on all of us,” said Sarah. “We just want Summer to be well, and home. We want to get back to being a happy normal family, with healthy children.

“It’s hard on the girls as this is the first time they have been apart, being twins they were never apart until we found out about Summer and we have to stay in hospital for treatment.

“It’s very emotional, for all. We just want this nightmare to be over.

“We need help to raise funds for Summer so if she doesn’t get rid of this horrible cancer, we can make sure she gets the best possible care aboard and be able to live her life.”

There are two fund-raising events taking place. The first is on Sunday, August 26, at the Wrose Bull Pub in Wrose, Bradford, from 1pm.

The second is at Rastrick Bowling Club, Rastrick, on Saturday, September 29, between 4pm and 7pm. There will be raffle tickets at £1 a strip and entrance is £2.50 per person.

This includes a hotdog and children’s entertainer. Other activities are available.

To support Summer visit her website or visit the Facebook page The Summer Allen page.