Dad’s op delays prove costly

A BRIGHOUSE pensioner suffered nine months of excruciating pain after a catalogue of delays in his medical treatment.

Mr Kenneth Marshall, who suffers from diabetes, had a finger amputated at Bradford Royal Infirmary last week and his family is convinced that inadequate care over the summer contributed to the decline in his health.

His daughters Julie and Carol are now thinking of seeking legal advice over failings in his care.

Mr Marshall, aged 74, has had diabetes for a number of years and the condition contributed to an operation to amputate his leg 10 years ago and a toe six years ago.

When his finger became infected in February and would not clear up, his daughters argue that alarm bells should have started ringing over his health.

He had his finger nail removed at Calderdale Royal Hospital but, instead of healing up, his finger became more painful as the infection spread.

“I can’t understand why, given his medical history, they didn’t take more care of my father,” said Julie, of Rastrick.

“He kept going back to Church Lane surgery and all they did was diagnose painkillers and antibiotics. Since March no-one came out to change his dressings. He was in terrible pain, he couldn’t sleep, he lost two stone in weight and all those tablets made him feel ill. It was left to his wife Jan to change his dressings.”

Eventually Mr Marshall (above) was referred to Bradford Royal Infirmary where he was told that the infected finger would have to be amputated and that he would be operated on within two weeks.

Six weeks later he was still waiting for surgery and it was only due to the persistence of his wife that he was finally operated on on November 15.

Carol, of Wyke, said: “My dad is not the type to make a fuss and it seems like he slipped through the net. It’s just not good enough in this day and age. It was horrible to see the suffering he went through.”

Now the infection has spread to another finger and the family is sure that the delays in treatment are to blame.

A spokesman for Church Lane surgery, Brighouse, said he was not aware of any concerns raised by Mr Marshall’s family. “Either myself or one of the partners would be happy to meet them if they want to contact the practice,” he said.