Corinne’s Christmas wish is for a transplant!

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Christmas wish lists have been completed for another year but one special gift will change the life of a Rastrick woman.

Corinne England of Thornton Road is one of 353 people in West Yorkshire waiting for a transplant this Christmas.

Corrine England, Thronton Road, Rastrick who needs a new liver.

Corrine England, Thronton Road, Rastrick who needs a new liver.

The 59-year-old is in need of a new liver and has been on the organ transplant list since July 2012.

She has lived with the liver disease primary biliary cirrhosis for the last 25 years but doctors last year decided the best course was to find a new liver for the mother-of-three.

“Five years ago I was getting really tired and I could sleep just about anywhere” she said. “I went to St James Hospital in Leeds due to the effects of the disease were giving me the shakes and cramps. They did tests there and decided to see how I got on.

“Two years ago I went back for a three day assessment and they said it would be suitable for me to be a recipient of a liver transplant. It was like a kick in a stomach as I wasn’t expecting that.”

Due to ill health she has been on and off the list and has to be within two hours of Leeds hospital waiting for the phone call that a liver has become available.

“It’s just a case of living from day to day and week to week.”

Mrs England has been setting herself targets to reach such as the birth of her third grandchild, her silver wedding anniversary at the beginning of December and her next one of celebrating her 60th birthday in May.

Her husband Paul has also taken on the house duties along with their children Adam, Samantha and Sheryl helping out.

She has been supported through the bad times by friends and family, as well as the liver support group in Leeds from people who have had transplants and those waiting for one.

“One of the hardest things to come to terms with is someone will have to lose their life for me to live.

“People will be grieving about losing a family member and be suffering for me to get better. A lot of people don’t know if their relative is on the donor list so it is important to know as it can change not just mine but other people’s lives.

“My daughters and son have gone on the list. You don’t really know about it until it comes into your life.”

NHS Blood and Transplant is asking people to talk to their families over the festive period about their decision to be an organ donor.

Anthony Clarkson, Acting Director of Organ Donation and Transplantation at NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss organ donation when you’re with your family this Christmas. We know that Christmas is a time for enjoying ourselves and talking about the nice things in life like future holidays.

“But for people in need of an organ, Christmas is a very difficult time so we are urging everybody to talk about organ donation.

“Fewer than 5,000 people each year die in circumstances where they can donate their organs, so we need to ensure that every potential donor who wants to donate is not prevented from doing so because their family do not know what they would have wanted.”

To join the NHS Organ Donor Register, visit or call 0300 123 23 23.