Have your say on budget cut

Coun Janet Battye
Coun Janet Battye

A PUBLIC meeting has been planned for Brighouse residents to have their say on the council’s budget for 2012 to 2015.

The meeting is due to take place on January 23, in the Mulberry Suite, at Brighouse High School Sixth Form Centre from 6.30pm until 9.30pm.

Calderdale Council’s leader Janet Battye will be attending each meeting.

Changes in funding and increasing demand from growing numbers of older/disabled people and vulnerable children are going to put even more pressure on budgets.

So Calderdale Council has been asking people if they think it has got its spending priorities right. Their answers will help the council set its budget for 2012/15 when it meets next month.

Councillor Battye said: “Rising costs and changes in the way councils are funded means difficult spending decisions need to be made.

“Last year’s consultation set us up well for the coming year but we need to know whether people think we are getting our spending priorities right during difficult economic times,” added Coun Battye.

But Rastrick resident Ivor Davies has criticised the council regarding its budget questionnaire saying it lacked important information which would help people make a valid response.

The questionnaire includes four questions: Maintain our approach to putting the needs of the most vulnerable people first; For some services increase charges for people who use them; Widen the role of local community groups and volunteers in running services; Stop providing some services.

“There are four questions and the first two anybody in their right mind would say yes to and the final two nobody here could make any comment on them because in fact it doesn’t say what services.

“You need to know which services they what to stop and the second is very similar, increase the charges, on which services? And where ever that has been printed from it does differ from the questionnaire on the website. Getting the little things right which is vital. The same question but in a different sequence.”