Happy days as Ronan meets The Fonz


AMERICAN actor Henry Winkler told Brighouse High School student, Ronan Carter, “act your heart out”.

Best known as The Fonz in Happy Days, Mr Winkler was at the Abundant Life Centre in Bradford with the My Way tour, organised by children’s newspaper First News, to raise awareness of learning difficulties and boosting children’s self-esteem.

Ronan who lives in Bailiff Bridge was invited especially to the event by the actor as they both have had to struggle with dyslexia.

Ronan said Mr Winkler was a big inspiration. “He was lovely, very funny and inspirational man. I felt after listening to him talk that we had a lot in common.”

Ronan was given the chance to meet with Mr Winkler. He asked Ronan how he felt about being dyslexic and why did he want to be an actor. He also got to do a radio interview with Mr Winkler.

“Before I was diagnosed with dyslexia I thought I was stupid and teachers would call me lazy and disruptive, so having been given a name for what I have meant I could stop calling myself stupid. Acting makes me feel confident, I can do what I love doing most in the whole world. I can be myself,” said Ronan.

Ronan was given a personal signed book, Hank Zipster, in which Mr Winkler wrote: Big R its been lovely meeting you. “Act your heart out”.