Half of taxis fail their MOT

AROUND half of taxis in Calderdale put in for an MOT in the last six months failed.

Figures revealed at the licensing and regulatory committee show that since January to April this year 51 per cent of taxis in Calderdale put in for a test have failed, a 24 per cent increase from the year before.

And figures from April to September revealed this number had risen again.

Between January 2011 and September 2011, 72 licensed private hire and hackney carriage vehicles were inspected that resulted in 11 per cent being issued with immediate prohibition notices, meaning the vehicles were removed from the road immediately, and 24 per cent were given delayed prohibition notices.

But members of the committee were asked to review the existing policy and conditions regarding the frequency and location of MOT testing of private hire vehicles and hackney carriages.

Councillor Colin Stout (Ind, Brighouse) said it was a major concern. “We have decided to leave the system alone for the next two years to see if there is a fall in the failures. If not, then we will take another look at it and see how we can reduce it. Some of these taxis are running 24 hours a day and safety is paramount. We have had several incidents involving taxis in Brighouse where they have gone through garden walls and we have to ensure that passengers have the confidence that they are going to arrive safely.”

He said they also agreed to keep the testing at Battison Road in Halifax.

Councillor Stout was also concerned about the vehicles not carrying baby or booster seats for children and could not understand, if he took his grandchild out in his car they would be in a booster seat but if he went in a private hire vehicle or hackney carriage they didn’t need to be.

“It is unpractical to carry baby seats because they would take up a lot of boot space. It would be the parents responsibility to provide the seat if they take them in a taxi.

“We are going to get another paper on it but this time don’t feel it is necessary to instruct this by-law, no other authorities have at the moment. It is still a concern though.”