‘Gym owners owe us an explanation’

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MEMBERS of a Brighouse town centre gym claim they are hundreds of pounds out of pocket since the business was forced to close almost four months ago.

Confusion surrounds the future of The Fitness Studio in Park Row. Members say they have been kept in the dark and no attempt has been made to contact them. The women-only gym has been closed since January when water from a burst pipe flooded the entire first floor of the former post office building.

A sign on the door told members that the business would would be open again in February. However, according to a second notice pinned to the entrance door further delays have meant the doors have remained shut. Now, there are growing fears that the gym will not reopen and members will lose money they have already invested.

Members cannot contact the owners to claim their fees back as the only telephone number available is the one for the studio which is unoccupied.

Member Nicola Griffin was told by her finance company that the gym was closing for good but other members have been told it could still be in business.

“There is total confusion surrounding the situation. It seems people are being told different things,” she said. “I have been told that my contract is now void and that I will have to see the owners to get my previous two month payments back.

“There has been no contact from the owners whatsoever and the only contact number is the one for the gym but no one is there. Nobody knows what to do and we feel we deserve an explanation.”

Liza Pezerovic, from Rastrick, who had paid for a £285 three-year membership up front, says shehas also been left in the dark about how to claim her money back.

“I kept going to the gym and was growing more and more sceptical about what was happening.”

She has contacted Ashbourne Membership Management which deals with payments for a number of gyms in the UK, including the Fitness Studio, to see if she could reclaim her money.

She too was told by the company that the gym was closed permanently and has been for the last six weeks. She was advised to contact the owners to get her fees back.

Ashbourne has advised members of The Fitness Studio who were paying their fees directly to them to contact the company regarding the situation.

A notice went on the doors in January informing members that a burst pipe had caused damage and they were in the process of drying the building out.

Two months later another notice appeared saying that the work was taking longer than anticipated and that provisions will be made for the time lost by members.