Group’s life-saving gift

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The Brighouse Heart Support Group has helped fund a life saving device which will benefit teams and members at a sports club.

The Automated External Defibrillator has been installed at the Brighouse Sports Club, Russell Way, Brighouse.

Heartbeat initially funded the unit but Brighouse Sports Club including the pigeon, bowling and junior rugy sections have contributed around half of £2,000 spent on the equipment and training.

Roger Bailey, Heartbeat’s chairman said: “An AED and CPR can really make a big difference to the chance of someone surviving a cardiac arrest.

“Survival rates without these are 10 per cent or less, with them it is 50 per cent or greater, dependant on the time before starting CPR.

“The unit at the club is the only one in Brighouse available 24/7. Therefore Heartbeat is pleased to announce that we have decided to start raising funds to provide a second IPAD AED located in the Brighouse shopping centre to be available 24/7 in 2016.”

The AED is located on an external wall at the Brighouse Sports Club making it available for the general public.

Heartbeat already has 20 people trained to give CPR and use an AED if a person has a cardiac arrest.

Emma Scott, Community Defibrillation Officer of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service has also helped with training 24 club members and staff at Brighouse Sports Club.

Heartbeat is a charity with 238 memmbers aged 30 to 92 which runs exercise classes for people who have had or at risk of having a cardiac event.