Goodbye to ‘our breath of fresh air’

The horsedrawn carriage leaves the Suttle home in Gargrave Close, Rastrick, for Michelle Suttle
The horsedrawn carriage leaves the Suttle home in Gargrave Close, Rastrick, for Michelle Suttle

MICHELLE Suttle was a joy to know, bubbly, mischievous – a breath of fresh air.

Those were the words used to describe the 23-year-old by the Rev Matthew Pollard, Vicar of Rastrick, who led an emotional service at her funeral on Tuesday.

Hundreds of people packed Huddersfield Crematorium at Fixby to say their final goodbye to Michelle, known as Shelly, who died from multiple stab wounds at her home in Oakes, Huddersfield, on June 9. Her partner has been charged in connection with her death.

The former Rastrick High School student made her last journey from the family home in Gargrave Close, Rastrick, in a horsedrawn hearse.

Music during the service included ‘Run’ by Leona Lewis and ‘Halo’ by Beyonce.

Mr Pollard said Shelly, who had grown up in Rastrick, had been taken away by “a wicked and unlawful act” and had left behind many loved ones.

He urged them to think of their happy memories of the young woman.

He told the congregation how the Rastrick community had rallied round her family during this difficult time.

He said that despite her being the fourth of six children she was always regarded as the baby of the family but she could also be “a real mother hen”.

She had a particularly close relationship with her niece on whom she doted.

He said Shelly had a lively and mischievous side and loved to play pranks.

She would always have a fully stocked fridge at her home in Huddersfield which she had set up over the last 18 months, usually after raiding her dad, Raymond’s, fridge.

And she would often go looking for the latest fashion trends - in her sister Kirsty’s wardrobe.

He told how she once made a wooden barrel into a boat and put her younger brother in it so he could float across the River Calder.

Mr Pollard said no matter what she did no one could ever scold her because of her loving personality.

He said Shelly was a big fan of reggae music which could often be heard blaring out across the Field Lane estate.

That was until her mother, Barbara, took the fuse out of the plug to stop the music.

He said he could not explain why she had been taken away but said everyone with whom she came into contact was lucky to have known her.

Shelly, who was a care assistant at Elm Royd care home, Brighouse, leaves her parents, Raymond and Barbara, a sister Kirsty and brothers Ashley, Sean, Craig, Graeme and half-brother Shane.