GCSE results for Hipperholme and Lightcliffe

THE results are as follows:

Ackroyd L,en,ma,el,fr,gg,re,rt,bi,ch,ph,s bt*; Acton C,en,ma,el,ft,re,sc,add sc,s bt*,hs bt*; Adamson K,en,ma,el,hi,ms,rt,sc,add app sc,s bt; Ainley R,en,ma,ar,el,ms,rt,pe,sc,add app sc; Airey K,en,ma,ar,el, gt,hi,re,sc,add sc,s bt*; Aram L,en,ma,ar,el,ms,bus bt,s bt*,sc bt,ict; Arshad J,en,ma,ar,el,fr,ms,re,sc,add app sc,s bt*; Aziz R,en,ma,el,fr,gg,rt,sc,add app sc,s bt.

Baker J,en,ma,ar,el,fr,hi,re,pe,bi,ch,ph ; Bannister C,en,ma,ar,el,rt,bus bt,s bt,sc bt; Barker J,en,ma,el,fr,re,rt,pe,sc,add sc,ict; Barkham C,ma,rt,s bt; Barnard L,en,ma,ar,el,da bt,s bt,sc bt,hs bt; Barnes M,en,ma,el,gm,gg,re,rt*,pe,bi,ch,ph; Barnes R,en,ma,el,gm,gg*,gt,re,pe,bi,ch,ph; Barraclough T,en,ma*,el,hi,re,rt,bi,ch,ph,s bt*,ict; Barstow D,en,ma*,bs,el,gm,re,rt,pe,bi,ch,ph; Bates A,en,ma,el,ft,s bt,sc bt,ict,hs bt; Beaumont K,en,ma,el,ft,fr,gg,re,sc,add sc,s bt*; Beaumont L,en,ma,el,re,da bt*,s bt*,sc bt,hs bt*; Bedford J,en,ma,ar,bs,el,re,rt,pe,sc,add sc; Bedford L,en,ma,ar,el,re,pe,sc,add app sc,bus bt; Birro H,en,ma,ar,el,ft,ms,pe,sc bt; Bland J,en,ma,el,fr,gg,re,rt,pe,sc,add sc; Bolton S,en,ma,el,hi,ms,re,pe,bi,ch,ph,da bt*; Brady J,en,ma,ar,el,gt,ms,s bt,sc bt,ict; Brander K,en,ma,el,fr,hi,ms,re,pe,bi,ch,ph; Brereton S,en,ma,ar,el,re,rt,sc,add sc,da bt*,s bt*; Briggs K,en,ma,el,ft,re,sc,add app sc,s bt,hs bt; Brownless L,en,ma,el,gg,hi,ms,sc,add app sc,s bt; Bryce P,en,ma,ar,el,gm,ms*,re,sc,add sc,s bt*; Burbridge S,en,ma,el,ft,re,s bt,sc bt,hs bt; Burd C,en,ma,ar,el,ft,pe,sc,add sc,ict; Burnett S,en,ma,ar,dm,el,ft,ms,s bt,sc bt; Burns O,en,ma,bs,dm,el,hi,re,pe,bi,ch,ph; Buss S,en,ma,ar,el,gm,gt,re,bi,ch,ph,s bt*; Butterworth J,en,ma,el,fr,gt,hi,re,sc,add sc,s bt*; Butterworth J,en,ma,ar,el,re,sc,add sc,s bt*,hs bt; Byrnes J,en,ma,el,ft,gg,ms,pe,sc,add app sc;

Cairney K,en,ma,ar,el,ms,rt,bus bt,s bt,sc bt; Cairney S,en,ma,dm,el,ms,mu,re,s bt*,sc bt,ict; Capon L,en,ma,ar,el,ft,s bt,sc bt,hs bt; Castle L,en,ma,dm,el,gm,re,pe,bi,ch,ph,ict; Chatterton S,en,ma,el,gg,rt,bus bt,s bt,sc bt,ict; Chesswas D,en,ma,el,fr,ms,re,sc,add sc,s bt*,ict; Clifford D,en,ma,el,fr,gt,re,bi,ch,ph,s bt*,ict; Clunis D,en,ma,el,ft*,hi,re,pe,bi,ch,ph,ict; Collinson E,en,ma,el,ft,gm,ms,re,sc,add sc,s bt*; Core E,en,ma,el,fr,ms,rt,pe,sc,add sc; Crabtree M,en,ma,el,fr,gg,gt,re,pe,bi,ch,ph; Cragon F,en,ma,ar,el,ft,re,pe,sc,add sc,bus bt*; Cunningham R,en,ma,el,gg,rt,sc,add sc,s bt*,ict;

Dale S,en,ma,el,gt,ms,re,sc,add app sc,s bt*,ict; Darnbrook A,en,ma,ar,el,fr,hi,re,pe,sc,add sc; Davies R,en,ma,dm,el,ft,da bt,s bt,sc bt, pe; Davies R,en,ma,ar,el,ms,rt,sc,add app sc; Davison A,en,ma,ar,bs,el,ft,re,sc,add sc,s bt*; Dawson J,en,ma,ar,el,ms,rt,s bt,sc bt; Dennison E,en,ma,el,re,sc,add sc,bus bt*,da bt,s bt*; Ditalia-Riley D,en,ma,el,ft,hi,re,add sc,s bt*,ict; Dixon D,en,ma,ar,el,ms,sc,add app sc,s bt,ict; Dove J,en,ma,el,gg,hi,re,bi,ch,ph,s bt*,ict; Dunn J,en,ma,ar,el,ms,re,sc,add sc,s bt,ict;

Elam-Morley S,en,ma,el*,fr,gg,hi,re,pe,bi,ch,ph; Elliman C,en,ma,ar,el,da bt,s bt,sc bt,hs bt; Ellis K,en,ma,el,ft,s bt,sc bt,ict,hs bt; Ellis S,en,ma,dm,el,ms,re,rt,sc,add sc,s bt*; Enoe C,en,ma,ar,el,gg,ms,rt,s bt,sc bt;

Fawcett G,en,ma,el,ft,hi,s bt,sc bt; Field D,en,ma,ar,el,gt,hi,re,pe,sc,add sc; Firth S,ar,da bt,s bt; Fogerty H,en,ma,dm,el,ft,sp,re,pe,sc,add app sc,da bt; Foulds J,en,ma,el,ft,fr,hi,re,bi,ch,ph,s bt*; Fox B,en,ma,ar,el,gt,ms,sc,add sc,s bt; Frankland R,en,ma,bs,el,hi,re,rt,pe,sc,add sc; Fraser T,en,ma,el,fr,hi,re,pe,sc,add sc,bus bt*;

Gajic Z,en,ma,el,hi,ms,re,pe,sc,add sc,ict; Gammell L,en,ma,dm,el,ft,re,sc,add app sc,da bt*,s bt*; Garland B,en,ma,el,ft,ms,da bt,s bt,sc bt; Garth B,en,ma,ar,dm,el,fr,re,pe,sc,add app sc; Gibson B,en,ma,bs,el,ms,re,pe,sc,add sc,ict; Gledhill L,en,ma,el,fr,gg,re,pe,sc,add sc,da bt; Golding-Smith L,en,ma,ar,el,ft,sc,add app sc,da bt*,s bt; Green J,en,ma*,bs,el,ft,gm,re,pe,bi,ch,ph; Greenwood A,en,ma,dm,el,ms,re,sc,add app sc,da bt,s bt; Greenwood E,en,ma,bs,el,gm,gg,re,pe,bi,ch,ph; Greenwood M,en,ma,ar,el,gm,ms*,re,sc,add sc,s bt; Griffiths A,en,ma,ar,el,ft,pe,sc,add sc,da bt;

Hambrey M,en,ma,ar,dm,el,ft,s bt,sc bt; Hardaker R,en,ma,el,ft,hi,pe,sc bt,ict; Hare L,en,ma,ar,el,ft,ms,re,sc,add app sc,s bt; Heath K,en,ma,dm,el,ft,fr,re,pe,sc,add sc; Henderson S,en,ma,el,ms,rt,pe,sc,add app sc,ict; Hickingbotham A,en,ma,el,hi,ms,re,sc,add app sc,s bt*; Hill D,en,ma,ar,el,ms,re,pe,sc,add sc,ict; Hird L,en,ma,el,sc,add sc,da bt,s bt,hs bt; Hirst L,en,ma,bs,el,ms,re,rt,pe,sc,add sc; Hodges O,en,ma,el,gg,re,pe,sc,add sc,da bt*,ict; Hoggarth D,en,ma,el,ft,rt,sc,add app sc,bus bt,s bt; Holliday L,en,ma,el,gg,ms,re,pe,sc,add sc,ict; Holroyd M,en,ma,dm,el,gt,ms,re,bi,ch,ph,s bt*; Holton L,en,ma,el,gt,ms,re,pe,sc,add sc,ict; Horner B,en,ma,el,ft,fr,hi,re,bi,ch,ph,s bt*; Horsfall L,en,ma,el,ft,ms,re,sc,add sc,da bt,s bt*; Horsfield R,en,ma,el,ft,ms,re,sc,add sc,s bt*,ict; Howard D,en,ma,dm,el,gt,re,pe,sc,add sc,ict; Howard J,en,ma,el,ms,re,sc,add sc,bus bt,da bt*,s bt*; Howse C,en,ma,ar,el,ft,s bt,sc bt,hs bt; Howson J,en,ma,ar,el,ft,hi,re,bi,ch,ph,s bt*; Hunt P,en,ma,el,hi,ms,re,rt,pe,sc,add app sc; Hussain H,en,ma,el,ms,da bt,s bt,sc bt; Hussain K,en,ma,ar,el,fr,s bt,sc bt,ict;

Jack P,en,ma,el,ft,gg,ms,re ,bi,ch,ph,s bt*; Jackson C,en,ma,dm,el,hi,re,pe,bi,ch,ph,da bt*; Janecki H,en,ma,ar,el,ms,rt,bus bt,s bt,sc bt; Jarrom L,en,ma,ar,el,rt,pe,sc,add app sc,ict; Jessop K,en,ma,ar,el,da bt,sc bt,hs bt; Jones S,en,ma,ar,el,fr,gg,re,pe,bi,ch,ph,ict; Jowett N,en,ma,bs,el,ft,gm,re,bi,ch,ph,s bt*; Jowett P,en,ma,el,gm,hi,rt,s bt,sc bt;

Kaye L en,ma,ar,el,ft,dtgr,ms,re,da, btsc, bths, bt; Kelly S en,ma,el,s bt,sc bt,ocr,hs, bt; Keogh L en,ma,ar,el,fr,re,pe,scadd, scda, bt; Kerins A en,ma,bs,el,ms,mu,re,pe,sc,add app sc; Kerry A en,ma,ar,bs,el,ft,fr,s bt,sc bt; Kilvington S en,ma,el,ft,ms,re,sc,add sc,da bt,s bt*; Kirton D en,ma,ar,el,sc,add sc,da bt,s bt,ocr; Kowalczy P en,ma,ar,el,rt,sc,add app sc,s bt;

Lad D en,ma,bs,el,fr,ms*,re,bi,ch,ph,s bt*; Lee K en,ma,ar,el,ft,fr,re,bi,ch,ph,s bt*; Leek S en,ma,ar,el,ft,hi,ms,re,s bt,sc bt; Lewis C en,ma,el,ft,ms,re,pe,sc,add sc,ocr; Little K en,ma,el,gm,hi,rt,pe,sc,add sc; Lockey A en,ma,bs,el,ft,ms,re,pe,sc, add sc; Long M en,ma,ar,el,ft,ms,re,s bt,sc bt; Lumb J en,ma,el,hi,ms,rt,pe,sc,add app sc; Lumb N en,ma,el,ft,gg,ms,s bt,sc bt,ocr;

Madgewick S en,ma,dm,el,ft*,ms,re,sc,add, scs bt*; Mallinson H en,ma,el,ft,fr,hi,re,pe,sc,add sc; Maloney R en,ma,ar*,el,dtgr,re,pe,sc,add sc,bus bt*; Marley L en,ma,el,fr,ms,re,sc,add app sc,da bt,s bt; Marsden D en,ma,el,ft,hi,re,pe,sc,add sc,ocr; Mason D en,ma,el,ft,sc,add sc,bus bt,s bt,ocr; Mccauley E en,ma,dm,el,ms,re,pe,sc,add sc,ocr; McGeady T en,ma,ar,el,gm,re,sc,add app sc,s bt,ocr; Menebhi A en,ma,dm*,el,ft,fr,re,pe,sc,add sc; Merritt G en,ma,ar*,el,ft,ms,re,sc,add sc,s bt; Metcalfe J en,ma,el,rt,pe,bus bt,sc bt,ocr; Mollicone O en,ma,el,ms,exp,da bt,s bt,sc bt,hs bt*; Moyo N en,ma,el,ft,fr,re,sc,add sc,da bt,s bt;

Nicoll J en,ma,el,fr,dtgr,re,bi,ch,ph,s bt*,ocr;

Oates M en,ma,el,ft,hi,re,bi,ch,ph,bus bt,s bt*; Oddy F en,ma,ar,el,ft,ms,pe,sc,add sc; Ogden P en,ma,el,re,sc,add app sc,exp*,s bt,hs bt*’ Ogden R en,ma,el,re,sc,add app sc,exps, bths, bt*; Oldridge L en,ma,bs,el,mu,rt,pe,sc,add sc; Opie S en,ma,el,ft,gm,re,pe,bi,ch,ph,ocr;

Page E en,ma,el,ft,ms,re,sc,add sc,da bt,s bt*; Palethorpe P en,ma,ar*,el,fr,dtgr,re,bi,ch,ph,s bt*; Panesar N en,ma,ar,bs,el,ms,re,sc,add sc,s bt; Parkinson E en,ma,el,hi*,ms,re,pe,sc,add app sc,ocr; Pearson K en,ma,ar,el,fr,dtgr,re,pe,bi,ch,ph; Peel H en,ma,el,ft,sc,add sc,s bt*,hs bt; Perrin J en,ma,ar,el,rt,bus bt,s bt,sc bt; Pierce J en,ma,el,ft,hi,re,sc,add sc,bus bt,s bt,ocr; Piper E en,ma,el,re,sc,add app sc, s bt*,ocr,hs bt; Poppelwell J en,ma,el,gg,hi,re,sc,add sc,s bt*,ocr; Poulter H en,ma,el,ft,fr,hi,re,bi,ch,ph,s bt*; Power B en,ma,ar,el,hi,ms,re,rt,pe,sc bt; Prendergast J en,ma,el,dtgr,ms,re,pe,bi,ch,ph,ocr; Prentice D en,ma,ar,el,rt,pe,sc,add s,cocr; Price T en,ma,el,mu,re,rt,bi,ch,ph,s bt; Priestley J en,ma,el,gg,ms,rt,sc,add app sc,s bt;

Rance A en,ma,el,ft,re,bi,ch,ph,s bt*,hs bt; Randall J en,ma,ar,el,rt,pe,sc,add sc,ocr; Raphael H en,ma,ar,el,bi,ch,ph,s bt*; Reed H en,ma,el,da bt,s bt,sc bt,hs bt; Reed S en,ma,el,gg,dtgr,re,pe,sc,add s,cocr; Rice D en,ma,el,ft,hi,ms,s bt,sc bt; Richardson E en, ma,el,gg,re,rt,pe,sc bt,ocr; Roberts H en,ma,el,hi,ms,re,pe,sc,add sc,bus bt; Robinson C en,ma,ar,el,gg,re,rt,pe,bi,ch,ph; Robinson J en,ma,bs,el,hi,pe,sc,add sc; Robson L en,ma,el,gg,rt,bus bt,s bt,sc bt,ocr; Rodger K en,ma,el,ft,rt,pe,sc bt,ocr; Rowley A en,ma,dm,el,hi,ms,re,sc,add sc,s bt*; Rowley L en,ma,dm,el,ft,ms,da bt,s bt,sc bt;

Scott C en,ma,el,fr,gg,hi,re,pe,bi,ch,ph; Scott S en,ma,dm,el,gg,hi,re,pe,sc,add sc; Scrimshaw J en,ma,bs,el,ft,gg,re,pe,bi,ch,ph; Sellars H en,ma,ar,bs,el,re,rt,pe,sc bt; Sharp L en,ma,ar,el,gg,re,pe,bi,ch,ph,ocr; Shepherd H en,ma,bs,el,ft,ms,re,pe,sc bt; Shoaib-Brown R en,ma,el,ms,bus bt,s bt,sc bt,ocr; Silson J en,ma,el,hi,mu,re,rt,bus bt,s bt,sc bt; SLADDIN L en,ma,ar,el,dtgr,ms,re,pe,sc,add app sc; Slater A en,ma,ar,el,gg,rt,sc,add sc,s bt*; Smith D en,ma,el,ft,fr*,gg*,re*,pe,bi,ch,ph*; Smith D en,ma,ar,el,rt,sc,add sc,s bt*; Smith O en,ma,el,ms,re,pe,sc,add sc,da bt*ocr; Smith W en,ma,el,ft,gg,hi,re,pe,bi,ch,ph; Smythe P en,ma,dm,el,gg,hi,re,sc,add sc,s bt; Spark-Guillaume L en,ma,ar,bs,el*,fr,mu,re,bi,ch,ph,s bt*; Stead S en,ma,bs,el,ft,re,pe,bi,ch,ph,ocr; Stevens E en,ma,ar,el,dtgr,re,pe,bi,ch,ph,ocr; Stewart A en,ma,el,ft,fr,ms,re,bi,ch,ph,s bt*; Stock O en,ma,ar,el,ft,sc,add sc; Strawson K en,ma,ar,el,gm,hi,re,bi,ch,ph,s bt*; Strong A en,ma,el,gg,re,rt,pe,bi,ch,ph,ocr; Struthers J en,ma,el,hi,ms,rt,pe,sc bt; Sugden V en,ma,el,ft,gg,ms,re,sc,add sc,s bt*; Sutcliffe C en,ma,el,hi,re,rt,bi,ch,ph,s bt*,ocr; Sutcliffe H en,ma,el,ft,hi*,ms,re,pe,sc,add sc; Sutcliffe J en,ma,el,ft,hi,re,pe,bi,ch,ph,ocr; Sykes J en,ma,el,hi,ms,re,sc,add sc,s bt*,ocr; Szafranska J en,ma,ar,bs,el,hi,re,pe,sc, add sc; Szoke C en,ma,el,ms,re,sc,add sc,s bt,hs bt;

Taylor B en,ma,el,ft,gm,gg,re,sc,add sc,s bt*; Thackray L en,ma,el,ft,hi,ms,re,pe,bi,ch,ph; Thompson B en,ma,el,ft,fr,ms,pe,sc bt; Timmins C en,ma,el,ft,ms,re,pe,sc,add sc,ocr; Tomlinson B en,ma,el,ft,sc,add app sc,s bt,hs bt; Tomlinson H en,ma,el,ms,da bt,s bt,sc bt,hs bt*; Tordoff R en,ma,el,sc,add app sc,da bt,s bt*,hs bt;

Wade H en,ma,el,ft,fr,re,sc,add sc,da bt*,s bt*; Wardman R e.ma.bs.el.hi.re.pe.bi*.ch.ph.ocr; West J en,ma,el,re,pe,sc,add sc,da bt*,hs bt*; Whitaker E en,ma,el,re,pe,sc,add sc,da bt*,hs bt; White J en,ma,ar,el,ms,rt,pe,sc,add sc; Whitehouse J en.el; Williams K en,ma,ar,el,dt,gr,sc,add app sc,s bt,ocr; Williams S en,ma,ar,el,ft,re,pe,sc,add sc,ocr; Willis A en,ma,bs,el,ft,re,s bt,sc bt,hs bt*; Wilson A en,ma,el,ms,mu,re,sc,add sc,s bt,ocr; Wilson D en,ma,bs,el,ms,re,sc,add sc,ocr, pe; Wilson J en,ma,ar,el,mu,rt,sc,add app sc,s bt*; Womersley B en,ma,ar,el,mu,re,sc,add sc,s bt,ocr; Woodhead O en,ma,bs,el,hi,re,pe,bi,ch,ph,ocr.