Gala team offers volunteers chance to raise funds

Brighouse Gala at Wellholme Park.
Brighouse Gala at Wellholme Park.

The Brighouse Gala team is encouraging people to support the 2014 event by raising money for their own causes at the same time.

Huddersfield YMCA Rugby Union Club, which helps to run the duck race on gala day, is looking for volunteers to sell tickets.

The gala team will take 50 per cent of the money raised through ticket sales and the other half can be used for the volunteers’ own causes.

The tickets are priced £1. First prize is £500 and there are prizes for second and third places.

Richard Garrety, rugby club chairman, said: “It’s a great way for us to raise money and for local people to raise money too.

“So we’re hoping people will come forward with worthy causes to support.”

Anybody interested in selling duck race tickets can contact Richard on 07885 494700.

Any unsold tickets can be returned to the control tent on gala day.

The 2014 Brighouse Gala will be held at Wellholme Park on Saturday, June 28.

The duck race is scheduled to take place at approximately 4pm.