Full-scale emergency after plane’s brakes fail

A PILOT landed a Jet2 plane at Leeds-Bradford International Airport last night (Sunday) using only his footbrake after the jet developed a major problem.

Fire crews from 11 stations were scrambled to the airport when the aircraft flying from Venice developed a problem with the brake.

The plane’s reverse thrusts, used to slow the plane down on landing, were also understood to have failed.

With fire crews waiting on a full-scale emergency, the relieved pilot landed the plane safely but was said to have looked ‘shook up’ afterwards. Firefighters from across Bradford district were called to the airport.

The pilot of the Boeing 757 plane, believed to be arriving from Venice at 5.30pm, reported a hydraulic fluid leak affecting the aircraft’s automatic brakes.

The plane landed safely and fire crews were stood down shortly after 6pm.

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