Fuel crisis haltsforecourt thefts

AS the price of fuel soars so does the number of petrol thefts – that was until the panic-buying started.

Friday, 6th April 2012, 9:38 am

Over the past six weeks the number of people leaving the forecourt without paying for their fuel has risen noticeably, according to Sergeant Dean Maddocks of the Lower Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team.

He said there had been increase in thefts in the Brighouse area at service stations at Hartshead Moor and Tesco with people making a fast getaway after filling up their tank.

There would have been very little chance of anyone making a fast getaway last Thursday and Friday as many motorists faced extreme delays as they sat on the forecourt of the petrol stations in Brighouse.

And the petrol situation caused further problems for people not wanting to fill up as queues descended on the main roads and caused havoc at Tesco roundabout.

The three petrol stations in Brighouse reported several times how they had run out of fuel over the two days as people started to panic buy in fear of the potential petrol strike.

Among the crowds of people at Tesco in Bradford Road was Roy Towers from Rastrick. “We don’t use a great deal of petrol but the situation is crazy. I think people are panicking because they like to go out over the Easter period,” he said.

Terence Hague from Halifax only wanted to put £5 in his car to get him to work, but decided to fill up instead.

Michael and Mary Walker travelled from Norland to put petrol in their car. “I think it is ridiculous how people are panicking. We are going away otherwise we would just use the public transport.”

Patrick Morton who works in Brighouse popped out in his lunch break to fill up. “I’m only here because I have run out of petrol. I thought it would be a bit busier than normal but didn’t think this many people would panic.”

Karon Rawling said she had gone to Tesco because Dews on Bradford Road had run out of diesel. “I have probably been waiting about ten minutes to just get into the forecourt. I had heard Dews had run out of diesel and I was running short. The Government has created this chaos.”