Friends in ford fiasco ...

Two people stranded on their car in the ford in Thornhill Beck Lane, Brighouse
Two people stranded on their car in the ford in Thornhill Beck Lane, Brighouse

TWO friends had to be rescued by firefighters after trying to negotiate a ford in Brighouse.

The Environment Agency has been issuing Brighouse with flood alerts for the past three days since the rain started on Monday but so far the town seems to have been relatively lucky and escaped with minor disruption.

Josh Thwaite and his 19-year-old colleague from Calvin’s Electrical Services in Northowram, who were on their way to visit a customer, were left stood on top of their car after trying to cross a ford in Thornhill Beck Lane.

The 21-year-old said he had tried to cross because the water levels only looked slightly higher than normal. “There were no signs up and it looked passable. So I started to drive through when a wave of water caught the side of the car and the engine cut out. Within seconds the water had risen another foot or so.

“Once the car had stalled we climbed out of the drivers window and stood on the car bonnet for around ten minutes while a passer-by called the fire brigade. If it hadn’t been for the wave of water we probably would have got across. It was just unfortunate timing. I have just decided to laugh it off.”

Firefighters from Brighouse Fire Station were called to the scene at 3.40pm on Monday. A fire station spokesman said: “With the rain the river level had risen. They thought that the water wasn’t as deep as it was and tried to cross.” Josh who lives in Brighouse returned to the scene at 7.30pm with friend Mark Keenan from Mark’s Fry-Days in Lightcliffe to try and tow out the Mercedes CLK.

But with only a short rope the rescue seemed to be too dangerous. The incident had caught quite a bit of attention by Monday evening and Josh kindly found some help from one of the spectators.

“I had to wade into the water and lock on a winch to help get it out,” he said. “It took about 20 minutes because the water level had obviously risen some more. The car is a write off.”

Firefighters taped off both sides of the ford to prevent further incidents during the poor weather.