Foul play called on dirty dog owners

Brighouse Juniors FC on their playing field which is plauged with dog fouling.
Brighouse Juniors FC on their playing field which is plauged with dog fouling.

A junior football team is calling for action against irresponsible dog owners as they cleared over 50 bags of poo from their pitch.

Brighouse Juniors under 13’s team were set to play the fixture against their B side but before the match could start coaches and parents had to clear the field of dog muck.

Chairman of the club Ben Holden said the issue of dog fouling is a long standing problem on the football field behind St Martin’s Parish Church.

“The problem has just escalated over the years and we don’t know why,” said Mr Holden.

“There tends to be more when it’s dark as owners can’t see their dogs and they just leave it.

“We are under a lot pressure to keep the pitches muck free due to the heath risks of getting it in cuts and eyes.

“We have a lot of coaches and parents volunteering their time and when you have visiting teams coming it’s not a great advertisement for our club,” he said.

“We now have 370 kids at the club and it is a great concern. It’s not just our players at risk but for all the children who are using the field.”

The club is in the planning process for a fence to be erected around the pitch but still allowing for some open green space.

The problem has also been reported to Calderdale Council who are to step up patrols and install new signage.

Mr Holden added that the majority of dog owners clear up after their pets but would urge anyone who sees people acting irresponsibly and not cleaning up dog waste to report it to the Council.

It is an offence under the Dog Control Orders for dog walkers to not clean up immediately after their dog has fouled in a public place where an £80 fixed penalty notice will be served upon anyone who commit this offence.