‘Five years is not justice’

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The family of Andrew Feather has said “justice has not been carried out” after the man who punched and killed him was jailed.

Dale McLean was sentenced to five years and four months in prison at Bradford Crown Court yesterday for the manslaughter of Mr Feather on February 9 inside Maine Street, part of Liquid nightclub, Halifax.

However, speaking after the sentencing, Mr Feather’s mother Jennifer said: “We have been devastated by the violent and totally senseless death of Andrew.

“There are no words to describe our pain, loss and our grief.

“Our family and friends – and we include all Andy’s friends – have been a wonderful source of strength and support, and we wish to thank each one whole-heartedly.

“We also wish to thank the police who have also supported us, and have worked so hard on our behalf to seek justice for the dreadful crime committed.

“Despite their best efforts, however, and to our great disappointment, justice has not been carried out today.

“We feel the seriousness of the crime which Dale McLean has committed has not been reflected in the sentence he will serve.

“His recorded previous violent history and record of bad character has not fully been taken into account, neither have the shattered lives of Andy’s family and partner.

“As a result of today’s outcome, the family now wish to reflect their position, and to consider the options which may be open to them.”

The 38-year-old accountant, and father of a young daughter, had lived in Hipperholme and Leeds.

His parents Gordon and Jennifer are from Norwood Green.

Andrew also played for the Old Brodleains Rugby Union Club in Hipperholme.

DCI Nick Wallen, of West Yorkshire Police’s Protective Services (Crime), said: “Andrew Feather died as the result of one punch from Dale McLean and that moment of madness has left a man dead and another man’s life in ruins.

“This case highlights the dangers of losing your temper and punching somebody.

“A split second decision made in anger can have tragic consequences, ruining the lives of the people involved, their friends and families.

“If you find yourself in a situation where you are being provoked, our advice is to take a breath, turn and walk away.”

l See page 3 for the court report