Firm’s Olympic efforts pay off

A plastic planking system made at Tatra Plastics, Norwood Green, is being used to house the world's most valuable horses.
A plastic planking system made at Tatra Plastics, Norwood Green, is being used to house the world's most valuable horses.

A PLASTIC planking system made in Norwood Green is being used to house the world’s most valuable horses.

Click and Fix is a range of snap-together plastic panelling products manufactured exclusively by Tatra Plastics.

It was used to build the 295 stables for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, then the structure was re-erected for the stables’ first follow-on use at the 2012 Horse of the Year Show, at the NEC Birmingham earlier this month.

When Woodhouse Show and Event Services in Cotgreave, Nottingham, was contracted in February 2011 by the LOCOG to design, install and maintain the stables for the London 2012 Games, they commissioned Tatra Plastics to supply the bespoke, re-usable construction panels.

Built in the style of temporary American stable barns, the Olympic stables were configured to provide 200 3 by 4m stables and 10 3 by 4m wash down units at the ‘field of play’ in Greenwich Park, and a further 72 stables and 13 isolation units were erected on the Circus Field, Blackheath Common with wash room areas, cooling fans and an on-site veterinary clinic.

Tony Marsh, managing director at Woodhouse, said: “The focus of the LOCOG 2012 design brief was to ensure that the supplied hire equipment would not give rise to waste and landfill when the usage finished. We thought long and hard about the sustainability of the temporary American style stable barn design; its lifespan and the materials we used in the construction.

“We used the Tatra wall panels because they are formed from recycled plastics and are themselves recyclable. They offer better durability than wood and do not splinter when kicked, thus reducing the risk of horse injury. Additionally the fabrication does not use any nails, a further improvement to the safety and welfare of the stabled horses.”

The equine press reported on ‘luxurious stables’ and Tim Hadaway, sport competition manager for the equestrian events at London 2012, said that the stabling area at the Park was well received by riders and grooms alike.

Mr Marsh added: “The Click and Fix product flexibility, its ease of construction, recycled content and sustainable characteristics were major factors in its choice as a component in the world-class equestrian facilities at Greenwich Park.”

Click and Fix from Tatra Plastics Manufacturing can be used to construct a virtually limitless range of sheds, outhouses, buildings, animal housings, shelters, agricultural and industrial units and internal and external storage units for commercial and domestic purposes.