Firm pays tribute to diver Ian

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COLLEAGUES of keen diver, Ian Woolston, are in shock following his death at the weekend.

The 51-year-old who was an assistant manager at sheet metal firm Clark Quarmby in Oak Hill Road, Brighouse, had been diving for 12 years but he never returned from last Sunday’s trip to Eyemouth on the Scottish Boarders.

A spokeswoman from the firm said they were all still in shock. “He had only been here a short time. He was well liked and made a difference despite only being here about four months,” she said. “It is a shock for us all and it is a sad and unexpected tragedy. We have sent our condolences to his next of kin.”

She said he will be greatly missed at the close knit firm where he was in charge of the general running of the business.

His wife Carol had said goodbye at 5.30am that morning but hours later she was told he was dead.

Ian had travelled with his diving partner, Dave Cameron, managing director of Halifax electrical contractors Reginald Maude.

Carol, of Boulderclough, Luddenden Foot, said: “I was told something happened under water. We don’t know yet.

“He indicated he was going up and when he reached the surface the boat crew tried to resuscitate him for 30 minutes and he was taken to hospital in Dundee.”

She has been told Ian had stopped breathing in the water as no bubbles were evident by the time he reached the surface.

If the post mortem is inconclusive his diving tanks might have to be retrieved from the sea bed.

Ian was an accomplished diver and an instructor and the couple would have been celebrating his 24th wedding anniversary next month.

“I just don’t know how I will carry on without him but I know I have to,” said Carol, aged 52.

“He was just funny and everybody liked him - a big character with a fantastic sense of humour.

“He was very well known.”

Carol is being supported by family and friends.