Fears of small shop failures if Tesco store allowed to open

A community is rallying round its independent shops after it was revealed that Tesco Express would be opening.

Residents are outraged that Tesco Express has secured a lease for the retail unit in the new development on Leeds Road, Hipperholme with many writing in their concerns and taking to social media sites.

Bryan Buckley said he was strongly opposed to yet another Tesco. “We have always supported the local shops, and there is no need for this change in Hipperholme. The parking is barely sufficient as it is, and will only cause bad feeling. What on earth are Calderdale thinking about?” he said.

Judy Sugden said: “We have and like individual shops which I support. We have little parking which also could be a problem.”

David Loney said: “The original fault lies with the planners who allowed the building of more retail outlets at an already overlooked road junction. I wonder if the council just sees an increase in revenue from business rates when approving these applications.

“I would be very surprised if there is a demand for another supermarket in Hipperholme and if Tesco go ahead it may lead to the failure of other local businesses.”

Hippman says on the website “Why would we want Tesco Express when we have the Co-operative? A number of individual shops different from the ones we have already would be more appropriate.”

And sowerbystar said: “Calderdale Council logic again, let’s help create 20 new jobs and destroy the local community shops. Local shops will close as Tesco out muscle the prices. Don’t forget the 30 odd people who will loose their livelihoods.

“It is time that Calderdale woke up and the councillors who are the usual suspects of pushing through these applications are dumped.”

Planning permission was granted for six retail units and ten residential apartments back in 2008.