Fear chips will tempt pupils

Local Elaections. Colin Raistrick.
Local Elaections. Colin Raistrick.

COUNCILLORS have refused plans to build a fish and chip shop only 100 yards from a high school.

They said the smell of fish and chips was too much of a temptation for the 600 pupils who will pass the shop at the Sun Inn, Lightcliffe, on their way home from school.

Councillor Martin Peel said if they had approved the application it would send out the wrong message of what they are trying to do for the children of Calderdale. “I move to refuse this or we are not fulfilling as a council the social objective to promote healthy children in Calderdale.”

The committee also wanted to support Anthony Smith, executive headteacher at Hipperholme and Lightcliffe.

In a letter read out to the committee he said the proposed development would have minimal impact on the health of his students during school hours because they don’t leave site to go to fast food facilities.

“At 3pm however, a significant number of vehicles enter and exit Stoney Lane including ten buses and cars for around 150 students and staff. The use of the Sun Inn to act as a drop off facility rather than a sit down eatery will add significantly to traffic congestion and seriously raise the probability of an accident involving a young person of which there are around 600 walking past the pub.”

Councillor Colin Raistrick (Ind, Hipp/Light) was also concerned about the 600 children who could be tempted to buy fish and chips when leaving school. “Calderdale is below the average for obesity levels in 10 and 11 year olds but that is still one in three. It is not a target or something we need to aim for,” he said. “Passing this would be a disgrace. It is a health time bomb.”

Acting on behalf of the applicant Lee Roberts, his agent said there was no evidence to suggest it would increase obesity in children and that they had restricted their opening times to 9am until 11pm Monday to Saturday to prevent children from visiting the shop before school started at 8.40am.

There was also concerns about the traffic and highways officers said it was not ideal.

The application to construct a single storey extension to the side of the listed building was granted with a condition that it is not operated as a take away.