Face to face with the Fonz

TV actor Ronan Carter, of Bailiff Bridge
TV actor Ronan Carter, of Bailiff Bridge

A YOUNG Brighouse actor is set to meet ‘The Fonz’ as part of a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of dyslexia.

Ronan Carter, of Bailiff Bridge, will come face to face with actor, Henry Winkler best known for his role in Happy Days tomorrow at the Abundant Life Church in Bradford.

Mr Winkler is championing the campaign ‘My Way’ which focuses on improving attitudes to children with special educational needs and has requested that Ronan and his family attend.

Mr Winkler, contacted Ronan after he wrote about living with dyslexia in the children’s newspaper, First News.

Ronan’s mum, Caroline, said the whole family was excited. “Ronan wrote about growing up with dyslexia and his dream to be an actor. On the back of that, we received an email from Henry Winkler saying that he had read his story and said Ronan should follow his dream.

“Ronan is really excited to be meeting him although a little nervous because we don’t know what is happening on the day or the role we will play.

“We know Henry is talking but we don’t know if Ronan will sit in the audience. We are just going to go along and see. But I am sure they will get the chance to have a bit of a chat.”

The American TV star is dyslexic himself but was not diagnosed until he was 30.

He has gone on to become a bestselling author of children’s novels in addition to acting and directing. He has recently been awarded an honourary OBE for the work he does for children with learning difficulties.