Spring clean for the canal

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VOLUNTEERS rolled up their sleeves and pulled on their rubber gloves to give the canal in their area a spring clean.

British Waterways, the Calder Navigation Society, Calder Future and Pennine Canoe Club helped with the clean-up of the Calder and Navigation through Brighouse.

A barge provided a base for the tidiers and some were able to get into the canoe club’s canoes to clean from the water.

A large skip was filled with debris and litter, which include a pram, a traffic cone and 176 bags of dog waste.

Lidia Shinwell, director of Prego Italian Cafe Bar and Restaurant and Waterfront Lodge Hotel, organised the clean-up following the success of last year’s tidy up of the canal.

“Despite the rain we had 45 people come along on the day and so much support from local businesses such as Ploughcroft, ROKT, Sainsbury’s, Holiday Inn and Screen Print,” said Lidia. “We achieved a lot on the few hours and it was a great atmosphere.”

She said seeing litter and other rubbish down there had saddened her and Euan Noble from ROKT who both came up with the original idea.

“It needs a clean-up about twice a year, with the next one planned for October,” she said. “Hopefully by doing that, it will encourage people to stop littering there.”

The Pennine Canoe Club are now offering trips along the canal and river, and have joined forces with the Waterfront Lodge Hotel and ROKT to offer leisure packages.

Together they are aiming to attract more visitors to the area, therefore it is essential that we keep the canal looking great and make the most of the wonderful feature.

Anyone interested in donating supplies, equipment or lending a hand with future clean-ups should e-mail their interest to info@waterfrontlodge.co.uk