Scheme to add another bin to the list goes on trial

Wheelie bins on Montague Street, Sowerby Bridge
Wheelie bins on Montague Street, Sowerby Bridge

HOMES in Brighouse could be part of new trial scheme that will see residents given yet another rubbish bin.

Up to 25,000 homes in Calderdale use the current system of a wheelie bin, food bucket, box for recyclables and bags for plastic bottles and paper.

Trials will start in the spring using the new bin to see if it is worthwhile having the container for garden waste.

Three different wards in Calderdale will figure in the scheme.

The six month trials will cover urban and rural areas.

Councillors also agreed that recyclable refuse will be collected every week from December 5.

Calderdale Council’s economy and environment spokesman Barry Collins said: “Apart from increasing the amount of waste recycled, it should reduce the amount we have to pay in landfill tax by about £56,000.”

Some confusion over kerbside recycling was introduced in April 2009, with glass and cans, and paper and card being put out for collection on alternate weeks.

It is hoped that less recyclable material will be dumped in general refuse bins and being taken to the tip when the new simplified weekly collections begin.

Calderdale households already have the best recycling record in West Yorkshire and the area is heading towards recycling 45 per cent of household waste by 2015.

“These changes will make collections simpler and will help people to know when to put their waste out, particularly during bad weather,” added Coun Collins.

The cabinet has agreed to measures which should improve refuse collection during wintry weather when services are affected.

Snow shoes will be issued to help them get about safely in winter and there will be smaller vehicles for use on ice bound streets.

Refuse collection points will also be set up, possibly at the bottom of steep sloping streets which become inaccessible in heavy snow.

It will then be up to residents to get bins, boxes and bags to these points, if it is safe to do so. The council also wants to give residents better information about how services are being disrupted or suspended due to the weather.