Maybe these superheroes can fix this five feet hole in the road?

Yorkshire Water and Calderdale Council can't sort this problem out in Thornhills Lane, Clifton, maybe these superheroes can
Yorkshire Water and Calderdale Council can't sort this problem out in Thornhills Lane, Clifton, maybe these superheroes can

Calderdale Council and Yorkshire Water don’t seem to be able to fix this hole. But maybe these three superheroes can?

The two companies are in disagreement about whose responsiblilty it is to repair the hole which has been in Thornhills Lane, Clifton, since May.

One resident, Chris White has been passed backwards and forwards between the two organisations as he tries to get some answers to the mystery of the five feet hole that has opened up at the entrance to his driveway.

The hole was dug back in May and left for a week. The hole filled with water before it was filled. Water started to seap from the hole and in June it was dug out again.

“Up until that point, occasional people from Yorkshire Water or Calderdale Council would come along and shake their heads and go again,” he said. “I have spoken to both of them on a number of occasions over a period of a week about six weeks ago trying to get some answers but each was blaming the other.

“Yorkshire Water said it was surface water or sewage water and Calderdale Council said it was a burst. Summing it all up I have been told by both parties that there is nothing else they can do. They realise I am being extremely inconvienced but there is nothing else I can do.”

Mr White said the hole was a hazard as the rest of the road surface was starting to disintegrate.

“People are driving on the pavement to get round. It is becoming even more of a hazard,” he said.

He is now seeking legal action in a bid to get a resolution to the problem. “No one is taking ownership. Both of them are saying there is nothing they can do. I need to talk to someone who can give me an answer and there is nobody. It is just not good enough. I thoroughly expected it to be resolved by now.”

A spokesman for Yorkshire Water said: “We have had a number of bursts on a four inch main on this road over the summer months. All repairs are complete but we have raised a job with our contractor Morrisons to return to the location to see if any issues that still remain relate to the work that we have carried out. At this stage we cannot say either way.”

A spokesperson for Calderdale Council said: “We are aware of the issue, and are liaising with Yorkshire Water to determine the best solution going forward.

“The hole was originally dug to investigate a water leak. Council officers will be visiting the site this week to assess the problem, and will then have an update on the best course of action.”