Fears remain over quarry

OBJECTORS can still voice their concerns and issues over the planned extension of a nearby quarry.

Rand and Asquith submitted plans to extend Elland Edge Quarries at Lower Edge Road, Rastrick, but the matter was deferred at Calderdale Council’s planning committee in June so further reports could be gathered.

At Rastrick ward forum, many residents brought up issues with the dust and possible health problems as well as concerns about the noise.

However, the overall opinion was the roads were not safe when mud from the lorries was falling off and covering the surface.

There were also concerns with the heavy loads that the lorries carry as they pass nearby houses and schools.

One resident said that when the road gets muddy it should be closed off completely until it was cleared, like it would be if there was an oil spill or any other waste on the road.

Another resident also voiced her concerns over the speed and the heavy loads that lorries carry when driving past Highbury school on the sharp bend where children with disabilities and learning difficulties have to cross.

She suggested that a speed limit could be introduced or road safety measures put in place.

Anne Markwell Calderdale Council’s planning enforcement team, gave an update to the situation and answered questions that residents had.

She said: “There have been issues with mud on the road. The quarry is more active than others with using their wheel wash. It is a highways issue and we can get them to work with the operators with the latest application to try and improve it.

“There has been improvements over the last few months but if there are any problems with mud on the road highways or planning services will work on getting a better system in place.”

Regarding the road safety issues and questions that were asked, she said it was a Highways department issue so she could not go into great detail about them but she could forward on any concerns or questions.

It is also hoped that a member of Calderdale’s Highway department will attend the next ward forum meeting to help residents with their queries.

In June, the planning committee felt they needed a more detailed report from the NHS into the claim from residents that the dust was having a detrimental effect on children and residents living close to the site.

And that the environmental health perform another measurement of the level of the noise while the quarry was in operation, as residents felt the measurement was obtained at a time when the quarry was not operating.

A meeting is set to organised involving planning officers, residents and Rastrick councillors to discuss matters and concerns.

It is hoped that the application will going before planning committee in October or November.