Engineers find a hole lot of nothing

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MOTORISTS faced huge delays last week when highway engineers dug up part of Clifton Road.

The engineers were attempting to find out why part of the road which is the main route from Brighouse to Clifton kept sinking but instead they found a ‘hole’ lot of nothing.

The work meant that many motorists had to be diverted along Bradford Road to Bailiff Bridge, up Birkby Lane and on to their location. Metro also issued an apology to its passengers for delays.

Some motorists even decided to take a short-cut along Alegar Street which is a restricted access road.

Calderdale Council has been filling in a small hole at the bottom of the hill for three years according to resident Stuart Black but the tarmac kept sinking.

He said the engineers had been on the site from Thursday when part of the road was closed and on Friday they decided to investigate further. “They couldn’t find out why the road appears to be sagging,” he said.

“They dug a small hole and couldn’t find anything so dug further out. They then found quite a stretch of the road was sagging. They don’t know if it was back filled incorrectly or if it was subsiding but started to fill it back in on Friday afternoon.”

Mr Black who took the pictures of the workmen at the site said it seemed to be causing some problems for motorists who were restricted from using the road which was expected to be closed until today, May 17, according to a sign placed at the scene.

But a spokeswoman for Calderdale Council said the road re-opened at 8am on Saturday.

“The road was closed for safety reasons after a large void was reported. Diversions were put in place and the road re-opened on Saturday morning after the work was completed by filling in the void that had appeared in the road.

“Investigations into the cause of the void were inconclusive,” she said.