Energised – inside and out

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WHEN actress Margi Clarke looked in the mirror she didn’t see the energetic person she once knew.

At the age of 57 and after raising her two children, Lawrence and Rowan, Margi decided it was about time she concentrated on herself.

“I’m an energetic person but my mouth was looking tired and I wanted it to look how I felt. I still have lots of energy and I wanted to share it with other people,” said Margi.

The Liverpudlian, who is known for her role as Tyrone’s mum, Jackie Dobbs, in ITV soap Coronation Street, decided to have some work done to improve her image and was recommended Clinik in Bethel Street, Brighouse.

“A friend had recommended the owner, Carol Lloyd, to me and after a chat on the phone she seemed like a great person who had made her way and put together a marvellous business,” she said.

Carol gave Margi some restylane subQ which helps to restore skin volume and give youthful shape and contour to the face, mesolis, a hydrating treatment which makes the skin appear more youthful and radiant, and a tiny bit of botulinum toxin bettwer known known as Botox. Margi also had her eyebrows tattooed.

“It is amazing,” said Margi, “I have had children so I know what pain is but honestly there is nothing to this procedure. The only remotely painful bit is the anaesthetic. I have had worse pulling up my tights so nothing to worry about on that score apart from some minor discomfort. Carol had to massage the liquid up to the areas where she wanted it to reach, which can produce a bit of bruising but within three days all the marks have gone.

“This type of work isn’t as invasive as surgery, not saying I wouldn’t go down that route, but it is a real support and is a better alternative.”

The procedures were recorded as part of a documentary about Margi who is set to launch her singing career with a new single called ‘Blue Skies’.

Margi said she has always enjoyed singing and attempted to represent England in this year’s Eurovision Song contest but she lost out to boy band Blue.

“I want to take the music out to people and play lots of smaller venues.. I would love to play in Brighouse and do a women’s night and gather up all the girls and we can tell each other about the treatments I have had, what it felt like and how successful it was.”

n Margi’s book “Now You See Me, Memoirs of a Working Class Diva,” is currently available.