Year 11 Students Experience ‘Science Live!’

Hipperholme Grammar School students Eve Stollery and Francesca Shaw
Hipperholme Grammar School students Eve Stollery and Francesca Shaw

This term, the Science Department took a group of Year 11 Science students to Sheffield City Hall to attend lectures from 5 leading scientists, as well as to hear useful exam tips from the Chief Science Examiner.

“The day began with Dr Simon Singh giving a lecture on codes and mathematics. During his talk, he spoke about how any event that has already happened can be found encrypted in any book, with all of this being pure chance.

He also explained how Maths is frequently used in ‘The Simpsons’, as many of the writers previously worked in the mathematical field. He recounted many episodes and showed how many members of the audience never realise that there is enough mathematics to form an entire university course!

Next we heard from Professor Mark Miodownik, an Engineer and Materials Scientist. He gave us a lecture called ‘Stuff Matters’ and told us how without materials, we would all be naked in the middle of a muddy field! He discussed changes that are taking place in the material world that will likely affect and change the world we live in.

After a short break, Professor Lord Robert Winston, a doctor specialising in IVF treatment, gave a lecture about how the treatment works and told us how videos can be taken inside the body using only a 2mm camera. He also discussed genes and different experiments conducted to try and cure genetic diseases.

After lunch, Professor Alice Roberts gave a lecture on Nariokotome Boy and how evolution occurred. She talked about who our closest ancestors were and how with genetic trees, we can trace back our ‘family’ to millions of years ago.

Lastly, Professor Jim Al-Khalili gave an interesting presentation on the likelihood of time travel and how black holes could affect the chances of it. He explained how travelling to the future is much easier than back to the past, but said how travelling back in time has not yet been ruled out due to Einstein’s Theory.

During the course of the day, we also had two short talks about our exams by the Chief Science Examiner who also gave us many helpful hints as to how to achieve the top grades.

Overall, the day was both thought-provoking and entertaining,and a big thanks to all staff who helped to run the trip.”

By Year 11 Francesca Shaw and Eve Stollery