This isn’t break dancing, Mr Adamson

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BALLET dancing proved to be too dangerous for Rastrick teacher, Jonathan Adamson, who broke two toes and dislocated another.

The English and media teacher was meant to be one of the staff who had volunteered to learn the moves and grooves of a routine set by some of the dance students for Sports Relief.

But two weeks prior to the competition he had to pull out after his rehearsal which involved a ‘Billy Elliott’ style manoeuvre.

Mr Adamson was working with students Natalie Dungan (back) and Rachel Ford, who were putting together his routine. “It was our third rehearsal and Natalie asked if I could do a toe touch but I must have landed on my toes,” he said.

Mr Adamson continued dancing for about half an hour. “I was devastated when I realised I had broken my toes and had to pull out of the dance competition. Being competitive by nature, I rose to the challenge and was overtly confident that I was going to wipe the floor with any of my co-workers.

“I have been wearing a slipper because I couldn’t fit it into a shoe. So I have been wearing a full suit, one shoe and a slipper.”

Mr Adamson has been getting a lift into school, luckily by his mum, Deborah Adamson, who also works there. He was also confined to his office for the first week of his injury. “Things are starting to get better though and hopefully I will be back to normal soon.”

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