Test results are most sat-isfactory

PRIMARY schools in Brighouse have performed well in their Keg Stage 2 tests with many bettering the national average in the subject areas.

The majority of 11-year-olds reached the expected standard in the Standard Attainment Test (SATs) held during the summer. Across Calderdale a total of 2,483 pupils took the tests in English, maths, science, reading and writing.

At least four out of five children reached the expected standard in every subject except writing, where the success rate was 77 per cent.

Bailiff Bridge Primary School was one of the top performers gaining full marks in three subjects and scoring highly in the writing exam with 96 per cent, where nationally there was a pass rate of just 75 per cent.

St Joseph’s RC Primary School was another who scored highly, gaining 100 per cent success in English and reading. The school also scored 94 per cent in the other subject areas.

Head Mary Hodges said it was good to see the achievement of their children and was a testament to all the teachers and staff but she added that it was only part of what schools do.

“The exams are only part of the pupils’ learning journey. It reflects on league tables but it’s the well being of the children, and making sure they enjoy being here and the individual progress they make over the years which is important.

“Results will fluctuate year on year and depend on if the pupils have a good day taking their exams.

“Parents are extremely supportive here and teachers work very hard like they do everywhere. All we want is the pupils to be pleased with the achievement however small or however large it is.”

In 2010, most Calderdale primary schools boycotted the SATs because they produce league tables which critics say are of little help to parents.