Teamwork the key to their success

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CHILDREN are confident, enthusiastic and very well cared for at Lightcliffe pre-school, according to Ofsted inspectors.

The pre-school at Christ Church, Hipperholme, which was rated good, has a dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced staff team who build very close relationships with children, parents and other professionals which support individual needs and interests very effectively, says inspector Jane Wyncoll.

“Well-planned, stimulating and engaging environments are created which enable children to make good progress,” she said. “Policies and procedures generally keep children safe and secure, although some records and procedures are variable in quality. Staff reflect on their practice regularly and use the self-evaluation process to identify some areas for improvement.”

Parents speak highly of the pre-school according to the report and staff skilfully create very effective learning environments indoors and outdoors as they set up each session.

To further improve they must improve risk assessments to make sure they cover everything with which children could come into contact, review and extend children’s records to include all information about who has parental responsibility and legal contact with each child and ensure that policies and procedures are explained to and accessible to, all parents.

Lightcliffe Pre-School opened in 2007 and operates from the lower ground floor within the church at Hipperholme crossroads. It caters for a maximum of 24 children in the early years age group, none of whom can be under two years.

Helen Opie, pre-school leader at Lightcliffe, said: “We are delighted with the inspection. We have a really good team of staff and committee who support us. Every place is currently taken up.

“We have had some difficult times moving premises over the years but now we are a flourishing pre-school and are really pleased as we now feel we are part of the community.”