Students’ success celebrated

Brighouse High School junior awards winners.
Brighouse High School junior awards winners.

BRIGHOUSE High School’s silver jubilee year marked its most succesful 12 months to date.

The school had its best ever exam results, best attendance statistics, highest levels of participation in PE, sports and extra curriculum activities, according to head teacher Liz Cresswell.

She was speaking at the high school’s junior awards evening where the special guest speaker was Ian McMillan who presented around 150 prizes in recognition of high levels of achievement, effort and progress by Year nine pupils.

“The students have displayed excellent standards of work and behaviour over the past three years and show qualities of leadership as they move into senior school,” said Mrs Cresswell.

During the event which was attended by the Deputy Mayor and Mayoress of Calderdale, Councillor Peter Wardhaugh and Mrs Jennifer Pearson, governors, staff past and present, parents and friends, Mrs Cresswell paid tribute to Barbara Thompson, the first headteacher of Brighouse High who died in July.

She said during the year they will work on a fitting tribute to mark Mrs Thompson’s memory.

Awards for academic achievement: art and design - Charlotte Wood, Lydia Neill; drama - Caitlin Ashton, Holly Carr; English - Kirstie Chan, Grace Jeffries; georgraphy - Emily Moore, Eleanor Smith; history - Isobel Farrell, George Gray; ICT - Josh Alonso, Charlotte Wood; mathematics - Amy Malkani, Lucy Howson; modern languages - Emma Fishburn, Oliver Wright; music - Joel Tobin, Niamh Hughes; physical education - Alex Hanson, Megan Wilson; religious education - Laura Murray, Amy Thornton; science - Rebecca Sullivan, Eleanor Smith; technology - Megan Wilson, Cameron Williams.

Awards for outstanding progress: art and design - Liam Collins, Emma Duffy; drama - Asher Petch, Daniel Farrington; English George Norbury, Matthew Holden; georgraphy - Claytan Smith, Lee Doran; history - Joel Tobin, Billy Gaylor; ICT - Asher Petch, Claudia Rogers; mathematics - Ryan Colleran, Holly Byrne; modern languages - Caitlin Ashton, Edward Smith; music - Tyne Kitson, Connor Hutchinson; physical education - Claytan Smith, Chloe Wales; religious education - Ainsley Hamilton, James Rothery; science - Lauren Gibson, Harry Ridler; technology - Eleanor Gribble, Louis Barker.

Academic awards, subject prizes: art and design - Emily Sharp; design - Emily Sharp; English - Claudia Rogers; georgraphy - Isobel Farrell; history - Leah Spencer; ICT - Grace Newton; mathematics - Jake Jennings; modern languages - Lucy Howson; music - Harry Ridler; physical education - Jessica Blakeley, Louis Barker; religious education - Charlotte Wood; science - Niamh Hughes; technology - Emily Sharp.

The Richard Bendig Memorial Trophy - Timothy Wallace.

Madeleine Brearley KS3 Prize - Timothy Wallace.

Pupil of the Year 2010-11 - Bryony Hurst.

Nathan Jones Challenge Champion Award - Francesca Appleyard.

The Eddie Noble Prize - Harry Ridler.

Musician of the Year - Harry Ridler.