‘Stay safe’ workshops

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Two Brighouse business women have sponsored personal safety workshops for girls at Brighouse High School.

Debbie Story, director of Sleigh and Story Accountants, and Lidia Shinwell, Director of Prego and Waterfront Lodge, attended a Stay Safe women’s workshop which empowers women to reduce risks and keep themselves safe.

“The Stay Safe workshop we ran at Prego really impressed me,” said Lidia. “I fortunately haven’t come across many situations where I have felt threatened in my life but sadly I know this is not the case for everyone.

“Some of the skills and techniques that are delivered in the workshop could make a big difference to a person’s safety and could potentially protect them from being harmed. I appreciate that schools are already pressurised to deliver an already bursting curriculum but feel that young teenagers are the people that would benefit most from acquiring some of the skills that this workshop delivers.”

Debbie added: “Empowering people to stay safe is a life skill that needs to be taught in schools and we were delighted when Brighouse High School agreed to work with Freedom Personal Safety to deliver these workshops.”

The workshops, run by Huddersfield social enterprise Freedom Personal Safety, will explore issues around girls’ safety including body language, using your voice, self defence, healthy relationships, grooming and sexual exploitation.