Stars of sport and magic meet pupils

Sky Team Athletes visit William Henry Smith School, Rastrick.
Sky Team Athletes visit William Henry Smith School, Rastrick.

Students and staff at the William Henry Smith School have been welcoming special guests from the world of sport and magic.

Magician Kevin Spencer has travelled from the USA and is an award winning magician who has worked all over the world researching the impact of engaging complex youngsters.

Following his performance at the Rastrick school he held small workshops with the students before they performed in front of the audience.

Vice Principal Sue Ackroyd said: “Students willingness to work on the tricks over and over again was impressive. As well as building fine motor skills, developing sequencing and processing skills and enhancing problem solving, students were visually motivated.

Students enjoyed showing off their new found talent and their confidence bloomed by the end of the day; it’s been a really great learning experience with lots of laughter along the way.”

Sky Sport stars also visited the school as part of their involvement with the Sky Sports Extreme Classrooms events.

Students have teamed up with the athletes to be part of the Highest and fastest classrooms, taking them to France and Mount Everest.