Schools score top exam marks

Head at St Chad's CE Primary School, Hove Edge, Graeme Genty,
Head at St Chad's CE Primary School, Hove Edge, Graeme Genty,
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SCHOOLS in the Brighouse area are celebrating after some successful results in the Key Stage Two tests for 11-year-olds.

More than 2,400 pupils took part in the tests in English, maths, science, reading and writing and the overall results show the district’s schools performing better than most.

One of the school’s that achieved good results was St Chad’s CE Primary School, Hove Edge, who scored 100 per cent in science, 97 per cent in reading and 91 per cent in English, maths and writing.

Head teacher Graeme Genty said: “We were extremely pleased with the results achieved by the Year 6 pupils in July 2012. Not just because of the high levels of attainment, but also because of the good progress the children had made, with 91 per cent of them achieving at least two levels progress throughout their time in KS2.

“With 91 per cent of the children in Year 6 achieving the nationally desirable ‘level 4’ and over 42 per cent of children achieving the aspirational ‘level 5’ in English and Maths, it is certainly a year that the whole school staff team, governors and school community should be proud of.

“The good progress and high attainment of the pupils in KS2 has been a four year long journey from the start of Year 3 to the end of Year 6 and I thank all of the staff, children and parents for their hard work and dedicated support for the children and school over the past four years.

“Hopefully this is an achievement that St Chad’s can now continue to build on and we can continue to meet the needs of our learners throughout their time in school.”

The Calderdale average for English was 88 per cent (83 per cent in 2011); maths 87 per cent (83 per cent); science 88 per cent (85 per cent); reading 89 per cent (85 per cent); and writing 83 per cent (77 per cent).

Other schools also did extremely well in the tests including Bailiff Bridge Primary School, Woodhouse Primary School, Brighouse, Lightcliffe CE Primary School and St John’s CE Primary Academy, Clifton.

Cabinet education spokesman Coun Ashley Evans said he was delighted with the results which showed Calderdale schools had the region’s highest percentage of pupils achieving level 4 or above in English and mathematics.

“Over the coming weeks Calderdale will be analysing the results in more detail, looking at each school to ensure further appropriate support will be given where it is needed,” he said.