School re-submits plan for an artificial pitch

Brighouse High School has re-submitted plans for an astro-turf pitch within its grounds.

But residents are concerned that it still contains the excessive opening hours for example open every weekday until 10pm and open all day every weekend.

Chair of the action group opposed to the plans, Anthony Rutherford, said: “The new application admits that the hours applied for were found to be excessive in previous applications but still contains the same excessive hours.”

Residents have until June 7 to comment about the new plans but Mr Rutherford feels that further consultation needs to be done with residents in relation to them. “I think it is totally wrong and believe a further period of consultation should be required. This would allow residents to view the plans and raise their objections. The timescale is rushed and doesn’t afford the opportunity for proper consultation,” he said.

But Calderdale Council’s Head of Planning and Highways, Geoff Willerton, said: “We are currently letting people know about the new plans, and they have chance to comment on these until June 7, 2013.”