School plans for £2m extension

Rastrick High School, head teacher Helen Lennie
Rastrick High School, head teacher Helen Lennie

A RUN-DOWN temporary maths block at Rastrick High School, which has been in place for many years, could be in line to be replaced by a new £2.2 million building.

Working with their architects, the school has applied for planning permission to build a new replacement building.

It would include eight maths classrooms, reception and hygiene recuperation facilities for physically impaired students and new toilets.

However, the scheme also depends on the school securing funding for the project.

Since becoming an academy in September 2011, the Field Top Road school can apply independently for capital funding and will be doing so in the current funding round this month.

Head teacher Helen Lennie said: “We hope we will be successful because it would impact positively on every student in school.

“Relocation of the maths block will also allow us to address other problems as funding becomes available, including increasing car parking space so that we can alleviate some of the problems experienced by our neighbours as the school has grown to over twice its original capacity.”

For several years the Asset Management Plan commissioned by Calderdale Council, the latest review carried out in the Summer 2010, raised concerns regarding the temporary block.

It has no sound proofing, poor ventilation, no disabled access and some classrooms have no direct access which causes disruption to other classes.

In conclusion the plan said the end result is that one of the core subjects of the curriculum was taught in a building, which was only ever intended to be temporary, and which has major operational suitability shortcomings. It was recommended that the feasibility of replacing the structure with a permanent new build linked to the main building should be explored.

“The Asset Management Report identified many areas where the suitability of the building falls short of the expected standards, but in my opinion replacement of the maths block with associated facilities for students in wheelchairs to take a full part in school life and learning are the number one priority,” added Mrs Lennie.

“This project was seriously considered under the Secondary Review by Calderdale Council in 2010 but in the end the funding available had to be used to address issues elsewhere in Calderdale.”