School life: Rastrick High students show their creativity

Elliot Albrow exhibited his wooden speaker
Elliot Albrow exhibited his wooden speaker

A-level Product Design students at Rastrick Sixth Form were given the opportunity to present their final products as part of their coursework to a variety of people at a recent course exhibition.

Representatives from different business’ and departments throughout the school came to view and evaluate the Year 13 work which formed part of the coursework element of the two year course in which they had to design and create a product based around their individual design briefs.

Madeline Hoyle created a jewellery box

Madeline Hoyle created a jewellery box

The event gave students the opportunity to demonstrate their products and explain their processes and methods throughout this part of their course. They presented an array of products varying from lights, to speakers, to a mobile bbq! Madeline Hoyle created a stunning jewellery box in which she also designed and created extremely delicate and detailed pieces of jewellery based on a steam punk theme system (as seen in pictures).

Elliot Albrow, a Year 13 student exhibiting his wooden speaker said, “The exhibition was a productive and imaginative way to showcase the enthusiasm we have for our work.”

The event also gave the Year 12 students an opportunity to gain some valuable feedback on the working progress of their design. Harry Smithurst, who is in his first year of the course explained; “it was very motivational to receive the feedback from an external audience; this will assist us in fine-tuning our work before completing the coursework.”

Alex Morrisroe, a Year 12 student explained that he has found the whole project “really enjoyable as it has allowed me to be creative and explore a practical side to learning; you have the opportunity to work with different materials whilst also gaining an understanding of modern manufacturing.”

Director of Art and Design & Technology, Jackie Ward said, “This year’s A-level showcase event has been the best ever with such a wide variety of high quality design work. Students have faced various challenges and setbacks throughout the manufacturing process but have demonstrated real resilience and determination to complete their products on schedule. I am very proud of their achievements and the quality of their final products. Many products would not have looked out of place in a design boutique and I would certainly have bought some! A huge well done to the staff involved and all the students.”

Karen Petrillo, Finance Director was extremely enthusiastic about the work, praising the student’s work for “being incredibly advanced with well thought out and innovative designs and products”. Continuing to give credit to the students on their knowledge she added, “not only did they create amazing products, they were very aware of other aspects of their products, such as manufacturing costs, potential selling prices and the most suitable retailers and target audiences.”

Overall, the exhibition was a huge success, both in how well the students demonstrated their final pieces and were able to express the idea and concepts behind the products. In addition, the exhibition has evidently proven to boost the confidence of the students and motivate them into continuing to excel in this course.