School life: Range of sports in new Brighouse High PE curriculum

The idea of the block is to promote key life values
The idea of the block is to promote key life values

The PE curriculum has seen the newly introduced block of inter-form included for 2016/17. Students got the opportunity to compete as a form group within a wide range of activities, from the traditional sports of football and netball to the more adventurous such as kabaddi and floor routine gymnastics.

The idea of this block is to promote key life skills and values among our students in the hope of developing their team-work, resilience and independence, all in pursuit of being the first form group to lift the inaugural Brighouse Inter-Form Cup.

Our sports leadership programme is flourishing and the 30-plus Year 10 students on the programme are beginning to develop their skills.

After working with our School Games organiser, the leaders were invited to provide leadership at the Calderdale Primary School Sportshall Athletics Festival and reaped huge praise from staff for the way in which they led the day’s proceedings.