School life: Hipperholme Grammar School’s global language success

Hipperholme Grammar students with their certificates
Hipperholme Grammar students with their certificates

Students participated mainly in the two studied languages, but some students did try new ones at the 2016 competition.

The competition is online. Students have to translate between their chosen language and English by either reading or listening to words and phrases.

Compared to schools of a similar size to ourselves, HGSF came secnd in England for German, and third in the world. For French, where there are more students competing, HGSF came eighth and 12th respectively.

This is a magnificent achievement to say the least.

In total the students scored a staggering 10,616 points – 5,470 in French and 4,333 in German and some 813 in other languages. Nine students won awards in the competition. Katy Jenkins (Year seven) and James Coldron and Jonathan Phillips (Year eight) each achieved a Bronze Award. Saffron Carroll, Dhriti Ahir and Eemaan Malik (Year 10) and Abigail Yeadon, Harry Ellison and Tarazzi Chishty (Year seven), all achieved Credit Awards.

Mrs Crossan (head of modern foreign languages), said: “Language Perfect has enabled our students to enhance their language skills through the completion of a variety of online exercises. I have been delighted with our pupils’ response to this challenge.”

The head of German, Frau Porter, said: “The students were really motivated and enjoyed participating in the competition. All those who won an award have done extremely well and I am very proud of them.”

Abigail Yeadon said: “Thank you so much for making this app. It is amazing. It really tests me on my languages.”

Saffy Carroll said: “Education perfect, as the name suggests – it’s educational and perfect.”

The modern foreign languages students are now looking forward to participating in the Language Perfect World Championships on May 15-25, 2017.