School life: From Germany to Hipperholme

Ano with Antonia who visited from Germany
Ano with Antonia who visited from Germany

During January 2017 Hipperholme Grammar School was delighted to host a visiting student from Germany.

Antonia’s main reason for visiting the school was to improve her English and experience life in a British school. She attended Year 12 lessons in Geography, English and Mathematics. However, she also, very generously, volunteered her spare time to help students in Year 7 to Year 13 practise their spoken German. Head Boy Ano Manjanja who is studying German for A Level took the opportunity to interview Antonia to help in his studies:

Wie heisst du und woher kommst du?

Ich heisse Antonia Pappalardo und ich komme aus Deutschland aus dem Bundesland Rheinland-Pfalz..... The rest of the interview can be seen on the School’s website.

Frau Porter, Head of German, commented: “It was an absolute pleasure having Antonia in the German Department. She was always eager to get to know our students and help them with their German studies. Our students were equally keen to practise their German and learn about life it Germany. We would all like to thank her very much and we hope she can visit us again soon.”