School life: Experiencing virtual reality at Brighouse High

Google Expeditions is virtual reality for the classroom
Google Expeditions is virtual reality for the classroom

Brighouse High School students recently had the chance to experience Google expeditions in the classroom. Google come in to the school to show staff and students Google Expeditions.

This is a virtual reality app built for the classroom. Each Expedition is comprised of descriptions and points of interests for the teacher, which makes it easy to incorporate into the curriculum. Using a tablet, teachers can guide their students using virtual reality viewers called Google Cardboard. Google has worked with teachers and content partners from around the world to create more than 200 engaging journeys - making it easy to immerse students in entirely new experiences.Google Expeditions enable teachers to bring students on virtual trips to places like museums, underwater, and outer space. Expeditions are collections of linked virtual reality (VR) content and supporting materials that can be used alongside existing curriculum. These trips are collections of virtual reality panoramas — 360° panoramas and 3D images — annotated with details, points of interest, and questions that make them easy to integrate into curriculum already used in schools.

ICT technician Matt Sharp said it has linked with a range of subjects- including science and history and, of course, computing.

“It has been a really exciting opportunity to engage the children with their learning and help them to see things they otherwise might not be able to. Whilst we have a broad range of enrichment opportunities- a school trip to the Great Barrier Reef isn’t quite within our budget.” Pupils at Brighouse High enjoyed the experience. One pupil said: “I thought it was breathtaking and spectacular,” Another said: “I enjoyed the virtual experience because I travelled to places I never thought I could go to.”

A third pupil said: “It was a privilege to learn through virtual reality.”