School life: A ski trip we’ll all remember

Students enjoyed the sunshine and skiing on their ski trip
Students enjoyed the sunshine and skiing on their ski trip

Waking up at 4am on a Saturday is not how most teenagers start their holidays, but we were happy to be at school on this Saturday as we all stood outside eagerly waiting to board the bus and in a matter of hours we were on the plane and off to Italy for our annual ski trip.

After a good first night’s sleep, we were off to collect our kit and headed up the mountain in Bormio. It was a beautiful, sunny day and surprisingly warm, and once we were sorted into our groups, we headed off for our first lessons.

I was in the expert group and we were challenged very quickly on some exciting red runs. Meeting up for lunch it was clear everyone had had a good first morning as we tucked into lunch before heading back out.

As the week went on everyone was improving and enjoying the sunshine. We celebrated some birthdays while away and all sang Happy Birthday to one member of staff when they got off the gondola to surprise them.

On the Wednesday we all skied together and took part in a slalom race. On this slope was the notorious button lift that had caused quite a few people a problem during the week, including one of the teachers. It was like Ski Sunday for everyone from beginners to experts.

Each day the staff awarded us with various titles like “muppet of the mountain” for something funny that happened and “wipe out king and queen” for the best people that fell knocking others over as well.

At the end of each day the fun didn’t end there. We had various activities to take part in. Beetle Drive, Mr & Mrs Evening, exploring the town and the awards evening where we were presented with our awards for the slalom race where I got the silver for our group.

After a very busy week, it all ended far too soon and we were packing our bags ready to leave the sunshine and return to Brighouse. This has been my third ski trip with school and every year I really enjoy the week away. This year was particularly good, because not only the snow was great, but also we flew rather than spending 36 hours on a bus.

I would like, on behalf of all the students, to thank the staff that organise the trip and each year make it one to remember. I know we are all looking forward to next year’s trip.