School is stepping in right direction

Field Lane Primary School, Rastrick
Field Lane Primary School, Rastrick

A RASTRICK school which was put into special measures almost a year ago is making good progress.

Ofsted inspectors have praised Field Lane Primary School which has made significant progress both since its damning report in January last year and its first monitoring inspection in July 2010.

Following the status to special measures an executive head teacher, Lynda Johnson, has been appointed from Siddal Primary School, Halifax, and an interim executive board was established.

Three new staff members have joined the school since the previous monitoring inspection and a shadow governing body is planned to be in place this month.

The inspection carried out by Christopher Keeler says that attainment has risen significantly and is now broadly average in English and maths. “This reflects improving progress and is supported by an analysis of school data, outcomes of lesson observations and a scrutiny of pupils’ work undertaken during the inspection. Pupils say that they enjoy their learning because lessons are interesting,” he said.

Behaviour continues to improve during lessons and as pupils move around the school and teachers’ expectations of acceptable behaviour are now higher.

“Pupils report that they enjoy learning because they are not so distracted during lessons because of other pupils’ poor behaviour,” said Mr Keeler. “Attendance is rising and currently exceeds the national average. This is an indicator of the positive view pupils have of their school experience.”

The quality of teaching has improved considerably since the previous monitoring inspection.

“The drive and ambition in securing improvements demonstrated by the senior leadership team and by the executive head teacher in particular, is the major reason why the school has made good progress,” he said.

And school leaders, including the members of the interim executive board, continue to take rigorous steps to tackle the safeguarding issues identified during the inspection.

“The quality and support by the local authority is satisfactory,” said Mr Keeler. “The school effectiveness officer has a good understanding of the school and provides effective support and challenge.”