School council has key input

Brighouse High school council members
Brighouse High school council members

At Brighouse High we really value the input of students into the decision-making process.

We have an active school council where representatives take views and feedback to the management team. Teacher Katy Green co-ordinates the work of the council.

Year councils and the school council have been working hard since the start of the year to discuss various topics; this provides students with the opportunity to have an input into plans and give a student perspective on school issues.

It also gives them the chance to express their opinion on things they would like to change, or on what they feel would make school an even happier place to learn.

The school council, made up of various age groups, is currently working on the three main topics it would like to address with the governors and head teacher Mrs Cresswell. The three hot topics are uniform, the school day and tutorial time.

Several students have also recently volunteered to represent the school at the Calderdale Youth Council.

Two students from Year 7 attended the last meeting, held in Halifax, with other young people from different schools, to discuss the issues that young people face in Calderdale.

Mia Hoyle and Robyn Cooper in Year 7 have also taken up the opportunity to complete the Young Voice Award.