Pupils go green in week of environmental activities


Pupils at Hipperholme Grammar Junior School went green for environmental week as they studied and learnt how to care for the area where they live.

The nursery class made bird feeders using bird seed and lard for the school’s woodland area as well as looking at a real birds’ nest and making their own from mud and sticks.

Reception children visited Manor Heath Gardens and Jungle Experience in Halifax, where they learned about different creatures and plants. They learnt how to care for them, which was supported by work in class.

One of the activities the children enjoyed was spending time at an allotment and learning about the tools.

Youngsters visited the National Space Centre in Leicester and music teachers helped them create an orchestra called ‘Orchestrash’ out of recycled junk.

They made instruments out of glass bottles filled with water to achieve different notes, garden hose pipe and funnels to create horns and string instruments out of recycled containers and string with clothes pegs to tighten them for different notes.

Head teacher Louise Reynolds said the highlight of the week was a recycled materials fashion show held at the senior school. “All the parents were invited, having been tasked with the challenge of helping their children create some fantastic ‘green’ costumes out of old newspapers, plastics, clothing, in fact anything they could get their hands on. The results were amazing.”