Parking ‘still a nightmare’

PARENTS parking outside schools are still causing a problem for residents.

Although the schools are said to be doing their best to prevent parents from parking outside the schools throughout Brighouse residents say their driveways are constantly being blocked.

One of the worst affected areas is Finkil Street where there are two schools, Brighouse High and St Joseph’s RC Primary School, and outside St Chad’s CE Primary School which is just round the corner on Upper Green Lane.

Vice-chair of Brighouse Road Safety Committee, Pat Oates, said that the high school children should be making their own way to and from school. “They should be using public transport but all you see just past Kershaw’s Garden Centre in Halifax Road is mums and dads sitting in their cars waiting for their children.”

Resident Ernest Needham said the problems seem to work in cycles.

“There are times when it drops quiet when the children have been at the school for a while. But when they leave and the new ones come in, then they do what they want and park where they want,” he said.

“The police do a purge and hand out a number of tickets and that tends to bring them into line and it starts to go quiet again.”

Mrs Oates said there was an awful lot of cars that try to park in the street and its surrounding areas and that it was getting a problem outside St Chad’s.

“It has been reported to us just how bad it is getting outside that school because cars are parked on both sides. It is making it difficult for drivers and that is another area where an accident is waiting to happen,” she said.

Chair Ann Rutherford agreed. “It is a bit difficult there for the access to the school. And there is a lot of schools in that area. I don’t know what the suggestion is to ease the problem. They do have motorists that drive into the car park, which I don’t think is a good idea,” she said.

The committee said it was going to ask officers from the Lower Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team to visit the schools when they returned after the Easter break to try and look for a solution.